Diary of a Travel and Adventure Enthusiast

Global Gratitude

Global Gratitude

Diary of a Travel and Adventure Enthusiast

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, and Ciao!
Welcome to a collection of some of my most precious, exhilarating, and unpredictable travel experiences.

For the majority of my life, my favorite hobby has been collecting stamps in this little blue book of mine.

From a young age I began traveling with my parents who greatly encouraged international exploration and service. As a kid we embarked on several large journeys (spending several months in South America, a camping road trip across the nearly all states of the USA, etc.). As it is so often said, once the travel bug bites, the disease is downright incurable. I can most definitely be a testimony to that.

After falling in love with the adventure of exploring the world, traveling has become a reoccurring theme consistently woven into the fabric of my life. Now it seems to be an inherent part of who I am.


With the intention of challenging my assumptions, beliefs, and expectations of how the world functions by means of traveling, I have collected a whirlwind of eclectic adventures and experiences that have taken place all over the world. Whether living overseas in Europe for months at a time, teaching english in a rural island community in Central America, or sailing throughout the Asian and African coastlines, traveling has caused me to grow in so many ways I never initially imagined. My travels have ranged from picturesque paradises to stressful, chaotic messes. I have witnessed the good, bad and ugly of a nomadic life. Traveling is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

I’m excited to use this blog as a platform to record and share travel experiences with a larger community – in hopes that someone, somewhere, might be inspired along the way.

In pursuits of expanding my global perspective, I have been continually amazed at the diversity of beauty and the complexity of life in the world. Traveling has taught me to recognize the world’s beauty and mystery as expressed in a plethora of unexpected and surprising ways, be it experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, meeting curious and passionate people,  or witnessing breathtaking sceneries. It is through travel that I feel most aligned and connected with the world’s endless beauty.

Maybe you yourself are an avid traveler, a devoted homebody, or somewhere in between. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, you are invited to experience my travels via this blog.

With Gratitude,

Kiana xx

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